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Well, this winter season is soon to be forgotten about........what have you learnt about your fishing marks through the cold times?

Me, I've continued plugging and sp's through the worst of it, tried heaps of different marks mainly trying to get out of the pounding swells and winds, have attained a very poor fish count and haven't connected with anything for a couple of months now(only fish witnessed was a schoolie but that came to my Dad on a bait session), tried both the clean and the rough marks, all-in-all, I've kept at it as its not just about the catching for me.
During many of the sessions, I'd like to think that fish have been covered; but I was outwitted once again. I've slowed all the retrives right down, gone down with smaller lures, but no change.
Many of the marks had 'bait' in the rockpools......goby/small crab, so the food source is still there.
I have always been under the assumption that the breeding size bass leave during Oct/Nov for their nookie grounds, but the smaller sized fish(up to 4lb) are still around. But no pollock/wrasse either.

But this year so far, nothing, nada, nowt to the plug :|
I'm not one to visit the piers of S Wales, not my thing. Fish are being caught on bait at these venues, but it's not for me.

However, the search will still continue. Good times will still be had. The waters have started to push the temp in the right can only get better :-D

So, what have you guys learnt this winter?
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