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Winter piglet

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3 of us headed out today. cold easterly..

still, was rewarded with a small pig. ... stic-lures

I love it, really do. You should all try it.
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Nice one Keith, how did those worms look in the water? Forgot to take mine with me
Glad you liked those SPs. Soft aren't they! Sorry I couldn't make it.

they are great. certainly an asset in todays gin clear water.

Still have to pick up some proper stand up jig heads though.

Sick of stuffing worms with foam to get them to float up. Will get some more
madness worms this week. They don't last long but they get the bites.

they waft around real nice.
Well done Keith, i don't get to see many Wrasse down this end, but i did catch a couple a few years ago on a beachcaster and they gave a very good account of themselves, so on a plugging rod they must go ballistic.. :D :twisted: :D
This all looks like fun and all I am catching at the moment is pollack so something different would be fun.

You mention in the articles different jig heads to deadstick etc.

Could someone (Paul? Keith?) give us non jig headers some ideas as the the names of different style jigs and what they do? I assume Mr Fish will sell most styles??

I've heard of Bachi and football Heads and also spire point and such but would be good to have a list and their applications. It's all got a tad more complex than when I got my first pack of Berkeley Power worms however long ago it was and you just had a ball style head or those fishy face ones in different weights and somtimes differemt hook sizes but they were normally too heavy for shore work.

Hope I haven't just missed the thread and it's already here somewhere??...
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We'll try to get something done.

I don't think we've ever covered specific heads and applications for specific fish.
Indeed it was a good day, no fish for me but I learnt a lot.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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