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Well guys fishing is really getting fun now.

I tried my trout bait for about 1/2 hour not a tickle, switched to the magic SP and first cast fish on.

It was a few days ago so forget exactly what happened but I had 6 positive takes lost 2 and landed the other 4. All of them where a nice size.

These were all taken on the firefly and I had to do some serious work with the drag, they definitely seem to be getting bigger and more sprightly. I think I lost the second fish because I had the drag set to the landing setting of the first one, so I set it a bit tighter for the next one to make the strike, then slackened it off as required. I fish a fixed spool with rear drag, and I am sure that is making it a lot easier. I can easily adjust the drag on the fly. Still need to get it spot on so that I don't lose any more but that will come with practice.

Well here they are

The above one weighed in at 1lb 7oz and was eaten with a Tempura batter last night, yum yum.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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