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So, most of the last week has been pants but I woke up this morning at stupid o'clock with the hope that the new moon would improve the fishing. I headed off to a secret mark and started fishing at 5:15. On arrival the water was flat calm with little to no wind.

An hour of casting produced nothing, zero signs of live except the very small (sub 2") pollack hanging around the rocks. So I swithed to the other side of the bay nd after 5 mins saw a school of large mullet feeding on the surface. This was no good as I had no mullet spinners with me and try as I like they would not take an IMA Komono in red / orange. moved up to another rock finger and cast out and bang - fish on. A small scrap later and out pops a 38cm pollack. I return the fish and cast again to the sames spot and bang - fish on again and another 38cm pollack. I return this fish and cast again to the same spot and bang - fish on, yet another Pollack but 40cm this time. All fish fell to the red / orange IMA Komomo.

A few casts later and realising the action was dead I wandered on. 30 mins later with teh action no better any where else I was back on teh same rock and casting to the same place. Nothing intially and then one hell of a comotion as something tried to attack the IMA and rocketed out of the water having missed it. Never really saw any colour as it all happened that fast but assume it was a bass. Given that I am fishing during the bass ban, I changed lures to a nice Ayu Xlayer, cast and bang - fish on and its a 44cm Pollack. A few casts later and another Pollack at 42cm was landed.

Five decent fish in 2 hours was enough for me. So feeling quite chuffed I went back to town from breakfast.
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