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Went out today for a short session on a new location. I drove by it couple of times but i held back due to to fact that it is a half our walk up and down.

When i arrived there were alerady some guys fishing shads an some doing topwaters. I was going to put the mighty z-claw O2P to anther test to see it could catch me anther fish on the second cast.

Not this time. It took me half an hour untill all hell broke loose. First strike was when O2P was under the surface due to the long houls i gave it and the there was that special feeling: will i be able to stop this fish? Yes i could! a couple of minutes later she was on the shore: 70 some what centimeters and very "sqaure" as in big/fat. Within ten seconds i was surrounded by the others and cought two more equal fish. The guy next to me also had a good one on a Sammy. Too bad for the bass they swallowed O2P deep inside and one bass even crushed one treble and wrenced the other so i had to take them home for the first time this year. Bummer for that.

What a fine lure the z-claw is it does the strangest things when worked differently. Long an slow houls makes it go subsurface and swift short pulls make it go wild on top. I hope we can have some more sessions this year.
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