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Today i did really well on the z-claw but i had to change both trebles. I found they were wrenced by one fish i cought (hooked this one very deep) and one even broke off while unhooking. I had to change both trebles.

Can any one tell me if the have expirienced the same? What trebles should i use as repalcement? Currently i put on some Gamakatsu G-code treble 13 size 4 but i am not sure if it will affect the action of my now favorite O2P.

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A little while ago I was fishing in Durban harbour with a mate and he hooked a good ladyfish (90cm - see below if you don't know what they look like) on a Z-Claw and after a 30m run it jumped and threw the Z-Claw. On winding it back we saw it had opened one hook on a treble and rolled over 2 of the points. This had something to do with braid, a tightish drag and the jump but it did cause me to worry about my hooks, especially when I had a 10-12lb GT blowing up on my Z-Claw! He subsequently put on 3 or 4x strong SW trebles and it hasn't affected the action really, the extra weight causes the lure to sit slightly lower in the water which, given the retrieve speeds we are using is no issue at all. On a slow sea-bass type dogwalk it might spend a bit more time underwater. I used a Z-Claw for pike before I left Ireland and it worked really well even though it sat lower in the water due to the lower bouyancy in the fresh (I think 3-4%?) and of course a braided wire trace - taken together this would be similar to the effect of heavier hooks in the salt. As the Irish say - 'You'll be grand...' with slightly heavier hooks on the 'Claw.




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