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A weather window this morning saw me up at 4.30 after about an hours sleep, wanted to get out for first light, but by the time the 2 jugs of coffee and the Bacons rolls it must have been 6.00am before I managed to get out on the water. Wind was due to swing SW 15-18MPH by 10am so had to try and make the most of it.
Was itching to try my first zonk, after seeing all the good reports etc etc i eventually gave in and got one, high pitch gatoride in HT sayori (matches my lovely vision 110 :-D)
So off to see what all the fuss was about..
An hour an a half till low water and off i went...
Got to the first spot that sometimes holds a fish or two at this state of the tide, nice an convenient too, about a hundred yards from the launch point.
Cocked up the first cast into what is a pretty small area as i was keeping a fair distance back as it is very shallow, absolutely whacked it not quite expecting it to shoot off like a rocket and have to be stopped mid cast, whoops.
Ok well it casts well..
Next chuck and a bit more gentle, 3 turns of the handle, lovely strong vibrations down the line, pause 3 seconds, twitch, pause... Whack!
Second chuck and I got absolutely hammered on the hang, starting to like this lure..
Fish was around 2lb and put up a great scrap in the shallow water..
Another few casts into this area produced nothing so time to get to the proper spot...
After about a mile of paddling as fast as my little arms would carry me to the next spot i was in position, a lovely set of low water gutters in around 12 feet of water with large boulders rising to the surface.
It looked perfect, a quick cast resulted in a fish first chuck, slammed it on a pause about a rod length from the kayak, nearly taking the rod with it! this was only a small one about 40cmish but it was starting to look like this could be a good morning..
Starting to get strange feelings at this point that no man should ever admit to towards a piece of plastic, especially a piece of plastic with a stupid little flappy bit on the front! :wackit:
Next cast, ok another fish, only small but now wanting to take said piece of plastic straight home, polish it and hang it on the wall.
So three fish in about 15 casts and i'm starting to think im going to bag up..
Well, had to wait twenty minutes for the next take, this on maybe 2, 2 1/2ish.
Went pretty dead as the tide slowed down an then managed another two as it picked up again flooding.
Was just about to change mark as all the "proper fisherman in boats" were visable in the distance heading my way, they always proceed to charge straight through were your fishing and troll round and round in circles scaring the :shock: out of any bass in the area.
Another few casts i thought an luckily managed to hook another, didn't feel too exciting when i first hooked it and just swam towards me but then suddenly everything went a bit nuts, line screaming from the reel, shooting between the heads with me in the kayak trying to keep the 8 strand braid away from the rocks :-? was also starting to get pretty choppy at this point, a ten foot kayak a lot of rocks and a 15mph onshore wind can start to get tricky to say the least...
After what seemed like an age was suprised to see the fattest little bass i have seen in a long time, very short but fat as a pig, its then i realised why it went to hard, managed to get itself saddled with the top hook so it could really get its head down.
Anyway here she is, not the biggest bass but a very fat one!
Sorry about the carp photos but was struggling to stay in the yak.

Would say maybe 5 1/2 to 6lb

Packed up after this as it was starting to get a bit dicey so ran home with my tail between my legs and got a serious soaking on the way!

Hmm technical problems, picture won't upload, will have another go in a bit, got bored!

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Ha ha

Great report Beachalot, you made the effort to get out there before the masses

you've gota love them there zonks. Had great time day with them from the kayak last year.

Know what you mean when the fish starts to run, just as a set turns up and coupled with a onshore wind its amazing how quickly the rocky shore gets closer and closer.

Nice one keep up the great reports

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Cheers for the replies!
Mike - Personal paddling assistant, i like it!
Having seen all the other catch reports on here am now seriously considering getting up an going again in 4 hours!!!
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